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Made In Palestine

October 1, 2009

Here is video exploring many different aspects of the Keffiyah; its history, colonization, the appropriation of symbols of resistance. and how Palestinian businesses are affected by the global market.
Watch the first part of Made In Palestine on Youtube.
There is a Part 2 but it may be difficult to locate.

One might conclude, from this video, that the behavior of Israel is consistent with other colonizers throughout history.
Here in NYC and the USA the pattern found on the Keffiyah has been used by the fashion industry making it contextless, and significant only in its trend. Attractive people from all backgrounds enjoy wearing the scarves and may not know its reference to Palestinian resistance.
This “decontextualization” becomes more and more common, since everything is
capable of being commodified, that is when revolutionary cultural expressions are sold to the dominant, and mainstream, culture.
How does this effect or change the way people struggle?

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