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Making Policy Public

July 28, 2009

Our friends at the Center for Urban Pedagogy are looking for designers and artists to work with on their great Making Policy Public project. Check it out:


The Making Policy Public project pairs advocates and policy experts with designers and visual artists to produce foldout posters that explain complex policy issues. The series encourages innovative design while giving designers the opportunity to engage important social issues deeply.
We’re really excited about this year’s topics and advocacy partners, it’s a great mix of very local, and very national issues spanning labor, public space, criminal justice, electoral politics, and food –from very nerdy to quite immediate. The groups and issues are:
+ Keeping parks public with FIERCE
+ Participating in public housing with Community Voices Heard
+ Redistricting reform with the Brennan Center for Justice
+ Navigating the juvenile justice system with the Center for Court Innovation
+ Mapping the tomato supply chain with the Coalition of Immokalee Workers and Just Harvest USA
You can check out the full briefs on the Making Policy Public website.
The call for designers is posted here:


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