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Manta Ray Paste-ups in Yogyakarta

February 18, 2016

I’m just back from Indonesia, and a slew of little art projects there. First up, a paste-up wall of Manta Ray screenprints and papercuts- I made these before I left with the goal of creating a sort of public installation to celebrate Indonesia’s recent establishment of a national marine reserve for Manta rays, and for extending protections to many other speceis of sharks and rays in their territorial waters. Mantas- graceful cartilaginous fish, related to sharks, are gentle filter-feeders that can reach enormous sizes; I’ve seen them up to fifteen feet across although they do get bigger. I pasted the images one overcast afternoon on Jalan Gamelan inside the Yogyakarta Kraton, the walled city at the heart of the metropolis. Thanks to Bayu Widodo of Survive! Garage for vital logistical assistance and site selection!








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