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Mayoral Campaign Criticisms

October 23, 2005

Since we are a NYC based collective, and there is an upcoming mayoral election, I wanted to point out a really slick website called Fire Bloomberg.
The site leads to a wealth of information about the past few years of the Bloomberg administration, with links to all articles on topics ranging from Housing to Transportation to Womyns Issues and more. The site suggests:

Bloomberg claims to have helped regular New Yorkers. But once you read through Bloomberg’s Record, you’ll see that Bloomberg has hindered regular New Yorkers.

There are also critiques on Bloomberg’s commercials, picking apart inconsistencies in the data used in them.

guiliani-hitler stache

I decided to check it out in more detail, after I saw an assumingly young teenage boy in a Park Slope cafe with a pin, bearing the logo of the website (the Bloomberg image above). It reminded me of the pins that many folks used to wear during the Guiliani administration, and how easy it is to dislike politicians that take advantage of inflated real estate markets.


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