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Mimeo Mimeo #1

May 14, 2008


Kyle Schlesinger, who a couple years back put together the cool self-published book Schablone Berlin with Caroline Koebel, has launched a new journal/periodical called Mimeo Mimeo.
According to Kyle:

Mimeo Mimeo is a forum for critical and cultural perspectives on the
Mimeograph Revolution, Artists’ Books and the Literary Fine Press. Edited by
Jed Birmingham and Kyle Schlesinger, this periodical will feature essays,
interviews, images, correspondence, artifacts, manifestos, poems, and
reflections on the graphic and material conditions of contemporary poetry
and language arts. Contributors to the first issue of Mimeo Mimeo include
Christopher Harter, Alastair Johnston, Stephen Vincent, and Jed Birmingham.

In New York City tomorrow, Thursday May 15, you can pick up a copy at a small press party at the Max Protetch Gallery at 511 W. 22nd, NYC between the hours of 6-8 PM.


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