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Museums From Below: Interview with Shaun Slifer

October 20, 2015


This summer, right on the heels of the public opening of the West Virginia Mine Wars Museum, Zach Furness (author: One Less Car, editor: Punkademics) set up a long-form email interview with me which he published in Souciant magazine online. I worked with the Mine Wars Museum for over a year as exhibition designer, curator, artifact cataloger, graphic designer – the kind of hodge-podge collaborative position that a really ambitious grassroots project often necessitates. In the article, I discuss the formation and importance of the museum, how I got involved, ways in which the museum work relates to the larger scope of my practice, how collaboration has influenced me, and more. Have a read over at Souciant.

As a footnote, during the week when this article was new on the Souciant website, I enjoyed it’s headline placement right by a photo of Omar Little, everyone’s favorite hero/trickster from The Wire




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