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My Semi-Secret Sideline in Psychedelic Light Shows

November 19, 2008



Over the past year, I’ve been sporadically doing projections for my friends in the Lesser Known Neutrinos, West Philly’s premier psychedelic synth-punk band. I just recently chanced upon some nice photographs of one of our shows at the Rotunda in West Philly and thought I’d share them here. To do the projections, I usually use two overhead projectors and a variety of colored gels, found images on transparencies, old papercuts and assorted detritus from my printmaking and puppetry practices.
The Neutrinos are on a tour of Italy right now and have a new self-released LP out (which I printed the covers for). I highly recommend ’em.
Thanks to HannahLa (whoever you are) for the photos.


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