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New Celebrate People’s History Posters

April 21, 2005

4 new People’s History Posters have been created by artists Aprille, Brandon Bauer, Beith Pucinella, and Swoon. Don’t just hang them on your walls at home. If you’re feeling motivated, make photocopies and put them up in public places. They look amazing lined up on construction walls.


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5 comments on “New Celebrate People’s History Posters”

Love the Milwaukee 14…
On September 24, 1968, fourteen men, including five priests and a minister, removed approximately 10,000 1-A draft files from Milwaukee’s Selective Service boards and burned them with home-made napalm in a nearby square dedicated to America’s war dead. After being arrested, they spent a month in prison, unable to raise the unusually harsh bail set at $415,000. Trial was set for the following year, and most members served jail time. Protesters marched on every court date, and Father Groppi came to their aid, co-chairing the Milwaukee 14 Defense Committee.
Now that’s some ballsy war resistance…

I love the People’s History Posters! such a great concept and project. So you should get some right NOW and go out wheatpasting!
with permission, of course…

I really like the poster about the Arizona Mine Strike. Just the other day, I stumbled upon a book about that strike. The book featured alot of the same images. Those pictures are so amazingly striking! Gives me goose bumps. The people’s history poters just keep getting better and better. Just more encouragement to get off my ass and make some of my own.

Hey Y’all-
thanks VisRes for posting these! I just wanted to say that if anyone is interested in designing a People’s History poster, feel free to email me at josh [at] justseeds {dot} org and I’ll send you all the specs., etc. I’m always looking for new poster ideas and artwork.

one of our own (in VR) has been working on one!
hope this will encourage them to make one bad-*ss poster

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