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New M68 Portfolio!! WIRIKUTA -Tsekie Tuamuxawita: Herido Lugar Sagrado

by Mazatl
March 1, 2012


We at the Escuela Popular Martires del 68 are happy to announce that the 2012 portfolio is printed and ready to go!
This year’s portfolio is centered around the defense of the sacred site of Wirikuta, in the heart of Wixarica territory municipality of Catorce, state of San Luis Potosi, Mexico.
The Martires del 68 school and the Convención Metropolitana de Artistas y Trabajadores de la Cultura (CMATC) coordinated this amazing piece of collective graphic work in benefit of the Wirikuta Defense Front: Tamatsima Wahaa.

The sacred land of Wirikuta is facing desecration and ecological devastation in the hands of corporate greed. This time it is a mining company from Canada named First Majestic that threatens the autonomy and wellbeing of the Wixarica (Huichol) culture.
To better coordinate this portfolio, each historic member of the CMATC invited five artists and cultural workers to produce a poster that would depict the struggle for indigenous autonomy in defense of Wirkuta.
This method of coordinating enabled artists to be assisted by extremely experienced graphic artists like Felipe Hernandez, Iseo Noyola, Leopoldo Praxedis, Antonio Valverde amongst others. The coordination was very powerful and rich since younger artists got to work together and learn from artists who have had more than 40 years of experience in producing revolutionary graphics and printing them.
The artists also broadly range in age and experience. The Wirikuta Portfolio includes the work of long standing Taller de Grafica Popular (TGP) members like Adolfo Mexiac, ’68 Graphic producers like Felipe Hernandez as well as younger generations of graphic resisters like Sublevarte Colectivo, Colectivo Cordyceps and members of la Otra Grafika. As much as the age and experience varied so did the imagery. All posters were silkscreen or relief printed. A majority of them were printed at the M68, but the printing effort was coordinated with the Centro Cultural Jose Marti and the Pena Morelos amongst other cultural centers.
Down below, only a part of the prints out of the complete portfolio are displayed. The portfolio comes in a beautiful hand printed and built box and a number of essays from writers like Alberto Hijar.
We believe that it is imperative for artists of any sort to denounce the atrocities being inflicted upon Indigenous nations as well as people of color, women and poor people of the world.
Earlier this week it was announced that the Mexico judiciary is suspending mining concessions on Wixarika lands for as long as the core of the matter remains unresolved.
Despite this great news this is a war of extermination and natural resource extraction. This is not an isolated case of cultural genocide but a systematic attack by the predatory capitalist system on those of us who defend and protect Mother Earth and all of its beings. The struggle continues.
If you’re interested in buying a copy of this limited edition portfolio please email at: mazatl (a)










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5 comments on “New M68 Portfolio!! WIRIKUTA -Tsekie Tuamuxawita: Herido Lugar Sagrado”

Gracias por unir sus voces y su gran talento en defensa del pueblo Wixarika y que gran noticia de que se suspende esta acción depredadora.
Y si todo el mundo se une en defensa de este lugar sagrado seguro que al gobierno vende patria no le quedara más que dar marcha atras, a esta aberración.
Por lo pronto en CENCUS ((Centro Educativo Nueva Cultura Social)en Guadalajara, estamos preparando a un grupo de 42 hermanos wixarrikari como abogados con orientación en derechos humanos, para que defiendan con conocimiento sus tradiciones.BRAVO

I was wondering if anyone would be interested in displaying the artwork in a venue where there will be a band playing reggae and Ska.. . Band is called Raiz organica and I am the promoter . Event will be in Downey. We are working on a date. It will be on a Thursday night. Please contact me if interested.

Hey Mickey,
Thanks for your offer. We are not scheduling any shows yet.
We are still gonna have the grand opening in Wirikuta amongst our Wixarica sisters and brothers in mid April.
Along with a parallel opening in San Cristobal, Chiapas that will be part of a week devoted to events against mining and the resource extraction industry.

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