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New poster addressing exploitation of migrant healthcare workers

February 10, 2011

There is a shortage of health workers across the globe today and as a result, health workers are migrating abroad at alarming rates. These workers are overwhelming women of color from Asia, Africa & Latin America.
Public Services International Union (PSI), based in Geneva, Switzerland, is responding to this crisis with a campaign for the ethical recruitment of health care workers. They recently commissioned me to produce a poster for the campaign which will be produced in various languages. This is my second project with them (see International Migrant Rights poster I did in December with them).


PSI is calling for a global Code of Practice to address the low and unequal pay, heavy workloads, poor working conditions and a lack of opportunities that pressure  health workers to migrate abroad. Their website reads:
What is most alarming is the massive migration of health workers from developing countries where the public health situation is already critical. Often, such migration is driven by the desperation of health workers seeking to escape poverty and by active recruitment policies that do not take into account the situation of poorer countries and further exacerbated by illegal practices of private recruitment agencies that victimise migrant workers.
The goals of global Code of Practice supported by PSI includes the formulation of bilateral, multilateral and international agreements involvingprotection of migrant health workers’ rights. More info here.
Immigrant rights are workers rights!


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