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New posters at Justseeds

July 1, 2006

Josh McPhee’s radical art distribution project, Justseeds has a whole host of new work available, including two new posters by members of Visual Resistance. Josh is a good friend of VR and we’re excited to have a few of our own featured on Justseeds. Big collaborative projects between VR and Justseeds are in the works!
A different version of Kristine’s Solidarity image is also available for $10 from us as a promotional poster for If They Come for You in the Morning, the July 27-28 art show we’re planning to support our friend Daniel McGowan.
Here’s the full June update from Justseeds:

Another busy busy month at
This month there has been an explosion of new prints and posters!
I’ve personally produced two new prints for the site. First a large 5 color stencil entitled Free the Land. It’s 23″x35″ and on nice thick cardstock. Second, a reworking of an older image, Prisons Don’t Work. This one is a two color stencil thats 21″x23″.
I’ve also got a whole pile of other new pieces! First, two new silkscreened posters by the Montreal-based Anti-Capitalist Ass Pirates, Army of Lovers and Beast Infection. In addition, the two older prints of theirs, Out Against the War and Surveillance are back in stock. Pick ’em up before they’re gone again!
Kristine Virsis (an associate of the New York City collective Visual Resistance) brings us her Solidarity print, a gorgeous 2 color silkscreen. All money from the sale of this print goes to the Daniel McGowan Defense Campaign to help Daniel, one of the activists caught up in the recent government witch hunt for radical environmental activists. More info can be found about Daniel’s case here:
And last, but definitely not least, for the prints, we have a new Estacion Libre poster by Canek, also a member of Visual Resistance. This 3 color silkscreen helps benefit the Estacion Libre organization, which works to bring activists of color on solidarity trips to Chiapas.
We’ve got one new book this month, finally after months of trying, Lynd Ward’s Gods’ Man is available. Lynd Ward was an amazing american political printmaker, and is best known for his books without words. Sort of the american equivalent of Frans Masereel, Gods’ Man was Ward’s first novel without words, originally published in 1929. This is seminal stuff, get this and learn some political printmaking history!
Check all these out at


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One comment on “New posters at Justseeds”

Dear VR and Just Seeds community,
I am writing on behalf of City College of San Francisco’s Multi Cultural Resource Center, we are building our Social Justice Multimedia Library at the community college and are hoping that VR and Just Seeds would be interested in supporting us by donating materials.
Our mission is to facilitate the building of community amongst all oppressed and marginalized peoples so that together we can achieve our collective liberation. With this goal in mind, we will form a bridge between CCSF and the surrounding communities that compose the student body. We work towards inspiring and encouraging an engaged anti-racist politick here on campus. We create coalitions and connections with community serving organizations and use the fruits of those relationships to teach fellow students to be innovative, community-oriented, socially-conscious leaders who can empower and unite our communities while succeeding academically. Our on-site resources include: * Social Justice Multimedia Library Programs & Events: *Film Screenings *Freedom Schools *Book Club *Creative Writing Workshops *Community Service Learning Fair *Ethnic/Cultural Studies Workshop *Community Round Table *Food for Social Change *Open Mic *Community Speakers/Performers *Diversity Workshop Trainings.
We are hoping that VR and Just Seeds would be interested in supporting our mission by donating any print, audio and visual materials that focus on the history and current reality of people of color. If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact us at, or call (415)239-5256
PS- I’m also one of the coordinators for this years Anarchist Music Festival in SF, and we are hoping that both VR and Just Seeds would like to table on the 17th of March, from 7pm till however long you like. Pls feel free to contact me directly at, and for more info check out: Thanx!
In Solidarity,
Patricia Nuño
MCRC Coordinator
Multi Cultural Resource Center
City College of San Francisco
50 Phelan Avenue, student union,
room 104 at CCSF’s Phelan Campus
San Francisco, CA. 94112 (415)239-3000

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