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New York Photos

July 30, 2013

So, this is the second series of images of paper paraphernalia from my relative Fannie Simonowsky’s family archive. The first was a series of photographs of her trip to Russia in 1937. This following series are photographs taken in New York City, where she lived her entire life. It’s incredible to see how much the skyline has changed over the course of so many decades. I’d be curious whether any of those New Yorkers’ out there could acquire contemporary photos of these spots.

Here’s a first glance of Fannie at Central Park in 1930. She was born in 1909 so she’s 21 in this photo.


This photograph was taken at 301 West 19th Street in 1937.


This is another picture of Fannie in 1937. The skyline is gorgeous, and so much less dense than the NY of today.


This picture is Fannie standing on 12th street. I’m not sure the exact year.


Here is a photograph from 1943 of Fannie’s mother who is also one of my namesakes, taken at 253 W 16th Street. I was told growing up that in Jewish tradition, you name a newborn after a family member who was recently deceased. I was named after my grandfather and Fannie’s mother Nahama (Anna).



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