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On The Ground

December 20, 2011

I recently did a big design job for my friend Sean Stewart and PM Press, Sean’s new book On The Ground: An Illustrated Anecdotal History of the Sixties Underground Press in the U.S. [I did the inside design, not the cover, which was created by Simon Benjamin.] Clocking in at over 200 full color pages with over 125 images and pieces of the dozens on interviews Sean did with underground press veterans, it’s a fabulous collection that really captures the aesthetic, feel, and movement of the time in a way no other book on the subject has done.
I’m proud of my contribution, which has gotten some rave reviews, including this by Ron Jacobs in Counterpunch: “Like the papers his interviewees are remembering, the most striking thing about On the Ground is the layout. Even though I know the book was composed on a computer screen, the book looks as if it were laid out via the old cut and paste method by folks possibly stoned on weed and a day or two with minimal sleep—just like many issues of almost every paper Stewart discusses.”
The Society for Publication Designers calls the book “a pure visual treat” and Steven Heller also had nice things to say on the InPrint blog HERE.

I was going to photograph a bunch of page spreads from the book, but Sean created this nifty little video that flips through the whole book:


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