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Peace Posters by Breakdown Press, Out Now and Free

July 5, 2010

Act boldly for peace – We need your help to distribute The Peace Posters in your local area!


The Peace Posters is a 32 page BROADSHEET NEWSPAPER which unfolds to 30 posters and is available for FREE … Out Now!
Help us get them out into the world. To obtain copies of this free broadsheet for bedroom walls, workplaces, street poles, community notice boards, shopfronts and schools, please email: with your address and how many copies you wish to receive!
FEATURING POSTERS by: Colin Matthes, HA-HA, Ann Newmarch, John Emerson, 7U?, Kathleen McCann, Olaf Ladousse, Lluis Fuzzhound, Marc Martin, Marc de Jong, Caitlin Poduska, M.P. Fikaris, Van Rudd, Iain McIntyre, Stewart Cole, Aris Prabawa, Tom Civil, Rasool Parvari Moghaddam, Mathew Kneebone, Erik Ruin, KA’a, Bretton Bartleet, Arlene TextaQueen, Lou Smith and Tom O’Hern. And poetry by Ocean Vuong, Anwyn Crawford, Mammad Aidani and Opal Palmer Adisa.
Published by Breakdown Press \\ Printed in Winter 2010 \\ Direction by Tom Civil and Lou Smith




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