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Peel Zine review

May 26, 2005

The fourth issue of Peel Zine is available. This issue covers artists like: ABOVE, Klutch, and 20mg. It contains articles about the StickerThrow04, StickyArt, the top entries in the Sticker Nation/Sticker Robot Sticker Design competition. and a review of Public Discourse, a documentary about “illegal street installations”. The issue also comes with an assortment of stickers of the artists contained inside.
Peel is a zine focusing specifically on stickers, looking closely at one medium used on the street, much like Overspray magazine focuses on stencils. (Overspray three should be on the streets soon!) This is a slick zine with good layout and production that accepts submissions of photos and art, so check them out and get your copy at PeelZine


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4 comments on “Peel Zine review”

you can get copipes through the peel site, check out the links of stores there to find out locations near you. Over the web seems like the best route
sorry i didnt mention that.

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