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Print & Print Studio in Progress

October 23, 2009


washout area with papercuts by swoon, painted corner by josh tonies & leslie stem
I am working on a new print I’m really excited about in a space that I am really excited about—The Braddock Community Silkscreen Studio, a project of Transformazium at the Braddock Public Library. I am helping with setup and staffing, printing my own stuff to test-run the shop. It is a beautiful space on the 3rd floor of the library, next to the basketball court. (This library, the first of Carnegie’s public libraries, could be a blog entry in and of itself! It was built explicitly for the workers at his steel plant, and featured in its heyday three floors of recreational and educational services, including a swimming pool – now empty – gorgeous theater, boxing ring, gym, showers and more…nowadays it has a kickin’ ceramics studio with community access and now this silkscreen studio)

The print is inspired and in support of a Queers Bash Back chant, shared with me by my friend Etta: WE SHIT GLITTER. I have four colors done in the print, which will eventually have six colors, all shimmery.
Check out some more information about Transformazium, the silkscreen studio, and the Braddock Public Library.
If you live in the East End of Pittsburgh, and especially in Wilkinsburg or Braddock, this could be the silkscreen access for you!

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