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12 Modes of Suppression

Katherine Ball, Jules Boykoff, Kaia Sand, & Garrick Imatani

Out of Stock

Out of stock

This broadside depicts twelve ways that activist groups are suppressed by the government, media and corporations. Each mode is based on research from Beyond Bullets: The Suppression of Dissent in the United States by Jules Boykoff (AK Press 2007). A description of each mode is paired with a symbol, originally created with a paper stencil hand-cut by Katherine Ball.

This collaborative broadside was instigated by Kaia Sand and Garrick Imatani as part of the Watcher Files Project which engages a series of surveillance documents collected by the Portland Police Bureau on various activist groups in the 1960s, 70s and 80s. The broadside also doubles as a file folder as a reference to the surveillance files.

The twelve modes of suppression include:

Direct Violence

Public Prosecutions & Hearings

Employment Deprivation


Infiltration, “Badjacketing” & Agent Provocateurs

Black Propaganda

Harassment & Harassment Arrests

Extraordinary Laws or Rules

Mass Media Manipulation

Bi-Level Demonization

Mass Media Deprecation

Mass Media Underestimation, False Balance & Disregard

Please note: This poster comes folded once across the horizontal center, like a file folder, and will ship in a flat envelope.

Offset printed by Eberhardt Press in Portland, Oregon.

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