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2022 Lunar Calendar

Vanessa Adams

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Out of stock

In this year’s lunar calendar, the full and new moons of 2022 are encircled by a night sky full of dreamy and golden iridescent clouds. Clouds are a symbol of visions and dreams, a landscape of the divine. They are the physical manifestation of alchemical water transformations, a sign of changing weather and the bearers of life sustaining rains. To accompany us during these turbulent and challenging times, I created a lunar skyscape adorned with clouds, a portal to envision and dream new futures of ¬†transformation.¬† Use this Lunar Calendar to set intentions / stay in touch with the shifting seasons / plan the growing of crops.
You can use the calendar to follow the date & astrological phase of each full moon and new moon in 2022, as well as important meteor showers and solstices. All dates and times are based on Eastern Standard Time and made for the Northern Hemisphere.

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