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¡Ni Discriminación Nor Abuse!

(artist unattributed)

Out of Stock

Out of stock

These posters were part of a wheatpaste campaign, and the remaining available retain a few slight corner creases.

This image was created in 2011 for an “Immigrant Know Your Rights” campaign that was put together by organizers in Mexico the US. The purpose of the campaign was to fundraise for Mexican, Chicanxs, and Spanish speakers from the US to attend the 2011 Allied Media Conference in Detroit, Michigan.

Abolish Militarism

Abolish Militarism

May 11, 2021

Celebrate the launch of DE-MIL-I-TA-RISE, Justseeds’ newest art portfolio and booklet in collaboration with the powerful movement organization Dissenters, by supporting their important anti-militarism organizing trainings and anti-militarist campaigns! Contribute…