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"Abolition has a long history throughout the world. It is both the theory and action of eliminating repressive institutions and practices like slavery or the death penalty, and creating more just and liberatory ways of relating to each other. Today, abolition has expanded to many spaces of dispossession and violence, including border control and anti-immigration laws, child welfare and apprehensions, youth detention, school to prison pipeline, prisons and other forms of violence and control. Abolition seeks to dismantle the structures and logics that continue to be reproduced throughout current social and “criminal” justice arrangements, and to build or reclaim more supportive and effective ways of holding each other accountable and keeping each other safe. In other words, abolition is not just the tearing down of walls, but the building of communities and relations through constellations of resources, support, and accountability in a way that connects people rather than separating them. Justice is and needs many things."