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American Birth Control League

Joana Tulik


Founded by Margaret Sanger in 1921, The American Birth Control League promoted access to birth control for women and encouraged them to take charge of their own fertility. The group held conferences, distributed leaflets, and hoped to educate the general population on the merits of birth control. The league became “The Planned Parenthood Federation of America” in 1942 and is considered the precursor to today’s Planned Parenthood.

This CPH poster printed at the worker-owned and union-run Community Printers, Santa Cruz, CA.

This is #176 in the Celebrate People’s History Poster Series.

Joana Tulik is a Western Massachusetts based artist working primarily in printmaking, sculpture, and installation, often exploring themes of childhood, fairytale, and facilitating interaction in her work. She graduated from Mount Holyoke College in 2021, where she studied studio art and politics, and is currently working towards her Juris Doctor degree at Western New England University.

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