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Black • Trans • Femme • Beautiful

Ebin Lee

This poster was created in November 2015, as part of the Trans Day of Resilience Art Project. The artist Ebin Lee made it in collaboration with SPARK, an organization fighting for trans and reproductive justice, in Georgia and the South.

Ebin Lee is an artist from Chicago currently living in Portland, Oregon. They graduated from Pacific Northwest College of Art with a degree in illustration. The majority of their work deals with storytelling through bold expressive line work and imagery.

Trans Day of Resilience Art Project uses art and activism to celebrate trans people of color in their lives and leadership, not just in death. It is supported by Strong Families. Learn more at

This print is one of a set of eight posters created for the 2015 Trans Day of Resilience Art Project. The complete set is available here. The seven other posters included in the project are listed by artist: Micah Bazant, Wriply Marie Bennet, Adelina Cruz, Ebin Lee, Mojuicy, Ethan X. Parker, Bishakh Som, and Rommy Torrico.

Ask First

Ask First

July 22, 2013

Ask First from Brendan Anckaert on Vimeo. Just turned on to this brilliant reworking of the Robin Thicke creepy top-40 tune by a bunch of Canadian coastal queers…it’s all about…