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Blue Whale Sticker

Sophia Trinh

Out of Stock

Out of stock

I am the largest creature ever to have lived on Earth. I am old and wise with the biggest of hearts. While I am a deep sea hunter, I am not too different from you in the sense that I am a mammal and also need to rise to the surface of the water to breath. Please stop killing me and polluting my home. I am the Blue Whale, please remember me.

These whale stickers are made from high quality vinyl, and printed locally in Edmonds, WA from an industrial professional grade printer. Stickers are UV protected matte laminate, and have a 5+ year outside rating.

If you are planing to stick these on a computer or window surface, remember to properly clean and dry the surface before applying the sticker.

About the Artist:

Sophia Trinh is an American Vietnamese watercolor artist from Seattle, Washington. She started painting at the age of four while attending Seattle Waldorf School. In kindergarten, Sophia was introduced to the primary colors through wet-on-wet painting which focuses on the experience of colors rather than form. It was through these early experiences of painting that Sophia developed a love for watercolors. Follow her on instagram.

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