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Border Dogs


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This is the first in a series of prints called “Uncertain Cities”. In these prints I was thinking about the Coywolf’s place in contemporary cities and our relationships to non-human beings that inhabit cities. This print, however, started with an internet search of the US/Mexico border. I had been thinking about the border wall and how it is an unnatural barrier as well as the violence the wall inflicts on all who migrate. This was post election but prior to Trump’s inauguration so this wall existed before. I had been reading about how Mexico had just released some wolves into the border region to repopulate the area after they had been hunted to near extinction. In my image search for the border wall I came across this picture of what were actually german shepherd dogs patrolling the perimeter in the service of ICE, on a right wing site. It struck me as so fucked up that these animals were weaponized and to inflict harm on migrants, so in the print I made them more ghostly and more like wolves, which is what I would like to imagine running free instead.

Love Under the Patriarchy

Love Under the Patriarchy

August 18, 2020

Love Under the Patriarchy is a collaborative project by Renee Sharpe and Justseeds member, Christeen Francis. The project started as a series of informal conversations between Renee and a guest,…