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Build Your Own Table

Ashley Lukashevsky

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“Let’s build our own table—

I’m all for taking a seat at the table, but I’m even more interested in what it looks like to build a new table altogether. To opt out of exploitative industries and create something new and transformative.”

– Ashley Lukashevsky

[DESCRIPTION: a group of people of color of varying skintones, hair cuts, sexual identities, genders and body types sit at a green table. Bold texts says “BUILD YOUR OWN TABLE”]

About Ashley Lukashevsky

I’m an illustrator + visual artist born and raised in Honolulu, Hawaii. I’m currently based in Echo Park, Los Angeles. I like to eat noodles and sit in the sun like a sleepy cat.

I use illustration and visual art as a tool to strengthen social movements for racial justice, immigrant justice, climate justice, mental health and LGBTQIA+ liberation. I think that in order to tear down harmful systems, we need to be able to envision a world without them. I’m trying to draw what that world looks like.