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Building an All-in-One Screen Printing Unit


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Out of stock

I developed and taught a class where students build their own all-in-one screen printing unit, and use the unit to make a print on the last day of the week long class. In the class I taught grade school, middle school, and high school teachers who then were able to use the all-in-one units with their students.

This zine is a collection of my notes from developing the unit and step by step instructions. It has been two-years since the project, I waited so long because there are a few changes I would like to make after building a couple times. The changes are not going to happen. I don’t remember them anymore, so here it is a near flawless (but flawed) guide to building an all-in-one screen printing unit.

36 page saddle stitch zine with screen printed covers.

Also I would be happy to come to you to teach a class or build an all-in-one unit.

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