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Change Your Relationship To Nature

Peter Glantz, Kevin Hooyman, & Becky Stark


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“Change Your Relationship to Nature” is the result of the artist Kevin Hooyman, filmmaker Peter Glantz, and singer Becky Stark working together to make something wonderful! Kevin spent over 100 hours illustrating this exquisite image. You can get lost in it for hours, years, or a lifetime. At its center is a woman engulfed by plants and animals. She is becoming a part of them and them a part of her. It must be viewed over time to completely appreciate the depth and care of its hand drawn imagery.

The offset printing was done with close attention to reproducing the stunning color and detail of the original at Black Cat Graphics in Providence, RI.

This is the second in a series of prints and cartoons written by Peter Glantz and Becky Stark called, “Peter and Becky’s Fun Fun Slogans!” The series intends to create joy through humor and beauty. The cartoon is directed by Peter Glantz with a new song written and sung by Becky Stark of the bands Lavender Diamond and The Living Sisters.

The prints in this series are:

Change Your Relationship to Nature,

Liberate Your Love,

We Are The Universe,

Heal Everyone,



Your Heart is a Prism!

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