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Cycles Journal: 2020

Rachael Amber Longo

CURRENTLY OUT OF STOCK: But have no fear! Restocks are on their way and orders will be shipped as soon as the new journals arrive!!

Cycles Journal is an illustrated guide to tracking your menstrual cycle alongside lunar influence. It is a companion for those who seek to understand themselves better (and uncover patterns within and around to feel more prepared and in-control). Rather than viewing our cycles are burdensome, we can learn to celebrate the beauty of our own nature. If we cannot control our own tides, then we must learn to flow with them instead of against.

In our busy lives we tend to forget to pay attention to our bodies and monthly cycles. Our cycles are not just something we endure – they are a part of us. The more we know about ourselves, the more prepared we can be to flow with what our bodies naturally do.

FOCUS/MISSION of this journal:
– To celebrate our fluxes and flows which are usually shamed, repressed, or dreaded by both society and ourselves.
– To highlight the importance of holding space, time and energy for ourselves and cycles.
– To remind you to practice self-care, love and empowerment ~ taking care of ourselves should be a priority!
– To help bleeders and non-bleeders of all ages understand themselves and their patterns better.
– To allow space and intention to process and understand these patterns.
– To connect & heal more deeply to ourselves and others.
I truly believe that through uncovering the patterns within and around us that affect us most, we can learn to love and understand ourselves better, and become the best versions of ourselves! Tracking our cycles helps us to understand our bodies and exist more consciously.

– Weekly spreads with space for daily symptom tracking & journaling
– Monthly insight, tips, healing remedies, and inspirational writing (from both myself and contributors!)
– Monthly calendars to track overview of moon phases, significant cycle dates, and other things that can affect us such as astrology (sun & moon placements) & astronomical happenings (eclipses, solstices, retrogrades, etc)
–  End of month check ins: how was each phase of your cycle, what patterns did you notice from the previous months or within the month, how you will prepare for your next predicted menstruating time and more.
– Intention setting per major quarterly moon phase.
– Space to record and remember your own favorite rituals
– Moon’s exact phase illustrated daily next to chart, for easy comparison, plus the current transits/astrological sign its in each day
– Intro with basic information and reference materials; moon phases, menstrual cycle phases and what each involves, helpful herbs, astrology, sustainable menstrual products, natural birth control/fertility tracking, nutritional suggestions, etc.
– A page showing moon phase meanings and how to track alongside each
– A chart showing your own menstrual phases and what each involves
– Monthly breast self-exam reminders
– New years intentions for 2020 to start the journal, and 2021 to end it.
– Meditations, rituals and more!

– Physical: discharge, bleeding, cramping, bloating, hunger, fatigue, temperature, tenderness/soreness/aching, horniness, & space to fill in your own.
– Mental/energetic/emotional: contentment, excitement, sadness, anger, anxiousness/worry, fogginess, & space to fill in your own.
– Habits: meditation, exercise, self-care, sexual activity, self-pleasure & space to fill in your own.
– Open daily space for notes, reflections, writing about dreams or eating, etc.

DAILY SPACE for tracking/notes on:
– menstrual phase & day #
– cervial fluid
– basal body temperature
– appetite & energy
– bowel movements
– sleep quality/duration
– supplements/medication

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