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For Peace In Indochina, End Military Aid

Lucia Vernarelli


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The full text of this poster reads: “For Peace In Indochina, End Military Aid — Implement Paris peace accords provision for three part coalition government and provide humanitarian & reconstruction and thru U.N. Agencies — may 4 thru 11.”

This poster was produced by a large coalition of peace groups, likely in 1973, to support the Paris Peace Accords, convened to end the war in Vietnam. (At the time this poster was produced, “Indochina” was a term commonly used to refer to the countries of Vietnam, Laos, and Cambodia—all effected by the war.) The groups listed include: The American Friends Service Committee; Clergy and Laity Concerned; Coalition to Stop Funding the War; Committee of Concerned Asian Scholars; Episcopal Peace Fellowship; Fellowship of Reconciliation; Indochina Resource Center; Indochina Mobile Education Project; Indochina Peace Campaign; International Committee to Free South Vietnamese Prisoners from Detention, Torture, and Death; Medical Aid for Indochina; People’s Coalition for Peace and Justice; SANE; Union of Vietnamese in the U.S.A.; Vietnam Resource Center; Vietnam Veterans Against the War; War Resisters League; Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom; Women’s Strike for Peace”

Unfortunately there is not a lot of information available about the artist, Lucia Vernarelli. She was a feminist painter and print maker based in New York City, and she created a number of print works related to peace and ending the Vietnam War in the 1960s and 70s. Some really great graphics can be seen by clicking on the link connected to her name above.

Justseeds is very excited to be able to share these very rare, and very beautiful, posters documenting the movement to end the War in Vietnam.

ATTENTION: These posters are over 40-years-old (!). Although they are in overall great condition, they may have some worn or faded edges, small corner bends, and minor side tears. Any and all damage should be easily covered up by a matte if you choose to frame this poster.

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