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Heal Everything! Heal Everyone!

Becky Stark, Peter Glantz, & Ron Regé, Jr

This print suggests an alternative vision of society where the health of all people and all things is the priority – so much so that people hold rallies just to say “Heal Everything! Heal Everyone!” Comic artist Ron Regé, Jr. created this print with his signature style illuminating the idea. This is the companion print to an animation written and directed by Becky Stark (the voice of Lavender Diamond) and filmmaker Peter Glantz for the series Worldword!

The prints in this series are:

Change Your Relationship to Nature

Liberate Your Love

We Are The Universe

Heal Everyone



Your Heart is a Prism!

Patriots for Self-Deportation

Patriots for Self-Deportation

January 24, 2012

I received a press release this morning from a new political action group; Patriots for Self-Deportation, announcing the launch of their website Taking inspiration from Presidential Candidate Mitt Romney’s…