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if we want it, we’ve got to start building

Ian Cozzens

Out of Stock

Out of stock

The first edition of this print was made as part of the “Queer Communities In Print” portfolio, curated by artist Corinne Teed.

Lots of conversations about queer community involve where “it is good” or where “it is not good” to be queer, or where “the community is good” or not. What does this mean? Why do we treat the humans around us like a ratings category in a magazine’s “top 10 cities for X or Y target market” issue? After living in Providence for 17 years now, I’m not sure I would know *how* to live in a place without living there for a long time & knowing it well… yet I’ve had queer friends tell me, writing from San Francisco or New York, that my (undeniably) queer life can never be good in Providence because I will never have the chance to “really be queer” here. What does THAT mean? How can people treat “community” like an attribute that might not be “good” enough, without sticking around and working on it? And, does everybody have the option to “choose” to live somewhere where “the ‘community’ is good”?

Anyways, this print comes out of some real feelings. Also, can you tell I like drawing buildings? 😉
This is a second edition, in a variant colorway.