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Las Mujeres

Sublevarte Colectivo

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No mas violencia Ni abuso contra las mujeres.

“No more violence or abuse against women.”

Con nuestra voz, por media de autodefensa, por nuestra expresión, por la vida, seamos mujeres sublevadas cada que sea necesario.

“With our voice, by means of self-defense, by our expression, by life, we are women in revolt whenever necessary.”

Sublevarte, a collective of Mexican artists, was born out of the ENAP (National school of Fine Arts) of UNAM (the National Autonomous University of Mexico) during the student strike of 1999-2000, the longest student strike in history. With more than 15 years of experience, Sublevarte has played an active role hosting workshops, participating in exhibitions, interventions, performance art, and talks — all the while building the professional development of each member of the collective. Some of the recurrent themes for Sublevarte include politics and society, immigration, access to goods, culture and social justice.