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Learn About Labor History (small version)


Out of Stock

Out of stock

A smaller version (12.5" x 15.5") of a print that I created for the Justseeds install "Uprising: Images of Labor." In the wake of right-wing attacks on collective bargaining rights, "right-to-work" legislation, and other pro-corporate initiatives meant to weaken the gains by organized labor, it is imperative that we as a society know the history of organized labor and how it has benefited working class people.

There are two paper color options for this print: orange or brown. Please select which one you prefer at checkout!



one-color screenprint, dark red ink on Mr French paper, signed, unnumbered

Art to End Fossil Fuels

Art to End Fossil Fuels

September 12, 2023

Justseeds friend David Solnit shared this project and video about a climate justice poster project that is timed with the September climate mobilizations and march planned for New York City…