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Let Us Entwine

This is a one color linoleum block print. Three hands are braiding a rope. The text says “Let us entwine for our collective survival.” It’s printed on a light tan mulberry paper with a rusty brown ink.

When the pandemic began this spring, like many people, we spent several weeks not seeing anyone in our social circle. This was a dramatic change in our lives as we have spent the past few years having weekly gatherings with other families, where we collectively make each other dinner and watch each others kids.

Like many families, we found this disruption was unsustainable for our collective health and well being. Isolation is a tool of oppression and fascism, and by the time summer began we realized that the healthy way through for our family would be to collaborate with another family to support each other. We have been doing a childcare share, where we alternate hanging out with each others kids, eating lunch with them, and playing games and activities.

When ropes are alone, they are weak, they can break. When several ropes are tied together, they are strong, resilient. They can support and strengthen each other. Mutual Aid!