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Liberate Your Love

Peter Glantz, Becky Stark, & Megan Whitmarsh


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This print expresses the joyous desire to be free of fear and transform it into love. The image – a reproduction of a watercolor painting by artist Megan Whitmarsh – reflects the whimsical nature of love and how being playful can set it free. Often, liberation is associated with struggle, but it can also manifest on a personal and community level through joy, play, and fantasy. This print seeks to capture that feeling through the use of fantastical creatures, a rainbow of colors, and people working together to express themselves.

The phrase “Liberate Your Love” was written by Peter Glantz & Becky Stark as part of their Worldword! series of print and cartoon collaborations where they work with different artists to make affordable images that curve consciousness toward beauty and truth.

The prints in this series are:

Change Your Relationship to Nature

Liberate Your Love

We Are The Universe

Heal Everyone



Your Heart is a Prism!

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