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Libertad Para Los Siete: Bring the Brothers Back

Fernando Martí & Yolanda Lopez


From original artwork by Yolanda Lopez, design by Fernando Martí. Screenprint adapted from Yolanda’s collage art from Basta Ya! No. 8, ca 1969-70.

As a member of the committee to free Los Siete de la Raza, seven young men wrongfully accused of killing an undercover police officer in San Francisco in 1969, Yolanda shaped the movement’s visual aesthetic through their community newspaper, the Basta Ya!, signs, posters, and buttons. I had the honor of working with Yolanda recently on a 50-year commemoration of the events of 1969 and the movement and organization that came out of it. Read about it here.

For Yolanda, the lessons of organizing with and making art for Los Siete were to shape her work and her life: “When I came to Los Siete, all of a sudden there was a need for the tools that I had, my art skills. With the experience of Los Siete, I understood what I was to do as an artist. My professional life followed that trajectory, as an artist for social and political change.”

Available in two color variations: with a either a red background (above) or a blue background (below)

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