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Librarians and Archivists To Palestine Zine

Librarians and Archivists To Palestine

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Out of stock

A zine collecting contributions from over a dozen librarians, archivists, and activists about their summer 2013 trip to visit Palestinian librarians and archivists in both 1948 Palestine/Israel and the West Bank. Justseeds members Molly Fair and Josh MacPhee both went on the trip and contributed to the zine; Josh designed the cover and Molly created an illustrated center-fold. The contents are a solid mix of travelogue, political analysis, information about the state of libraries and archives in Palestine, and illustration/photo documentation.

If you’re interested in Palestine, or a socially-engaged librarian/archivist, this zine is definitely for you!

[Note: We apologize that Palestine is not listed as an option for shipping. At this time we are only able to list USPS “standard” locations, but we are working trying to change that.]

Updates: Iran’s impending revolution

Updates: Iran’s impending revolution

October 26, 2022

October 26, 2022 marks forty days since the death of Mahsa Jina Amini by Iran’s morality police. From all around the country, thousands of people marched to her gravesite despite road blockades. Students in universities across the county and well as refinery workers continue their strikes against the current oppressive regime.