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Long Live Our 4 Billion Yr Old Mother (small)


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Out of stock

If the Earth has been brown, black, multi-colored, queer and woman and indigenous and abloom for 4.5 billion years then what does that mean for this thousand year old infant white patriarchal empire?

This iconic poster has been shared thousands of times over social media, spotted at the Women’s March on Washington and featured in the Hear Our Voice Exhibit at Center For Contemporary Art in Seattle. Here is a small, and affordable note-card sized version.

This was offset-printed by Eberhardt Press, 

Eberhardt Press is named in honor of Isabelle Eberhardt, the great anarchist writer and adventurer who was swept away by a flash flood in Algeria at age 27, more than a hundred years ago. But her writings have lived on long after her passing. She lived freely and fully, writing of her experiences in the Muslim world in a voice of clarity, depth and beauty. Her life and her stories are an inspiration for those who desire to embrace life to the fullest, and who refuse to be mired in repressive constraints.




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