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Never Again pennant

Rebecca Susman & Shaun Slifer

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Out of stock

The wire coat hanger has been a cautionary symbol referencing the dark days of “back alley” abortions for decades, a grim reminder of an illegalized past that we refuse to return to. When abortion isn’t safe, legal and widely available, people are forced to turn to unsafe means of terminating their pregnancy.

Access to safe abortion care is becoming increasingly harder to obtain. These pennants urge us to rally and shout our support for the fundamental right to reproductive medical care for all! They look great on the wall of your home, office, home office, nursery, or school!

This is the first in a series of three feminist abortion access pennants, a collaboration between Rebecca Susman of the Western Pennsylvania Fund for Choice and Justseeds member/owner Shaun Slifer. The designs were hand-drawn, then screenprinted by hand onto felt. The felt is cut by hand and machine stitched in a limited edition of twenty-four pennants.