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No Justice No Peace


This piece was designed in early december 2012 as the Idle No More movement was picking up steam. For those of you out side of Canada, the architectural element is the Peace Tower which is located over the front doors of parliament in Ottawa. Why should Indigenous people recognize the Canadian state if it continually violates their human, treaty and territorial rights? Settler society needs to recognize and support Indigenous communities’ right to revolt against the Canadian state.

Apologies for historic wrongs are worse than meaningless if they are not accompanied by a genuine action a a willingness to confront, personally and politically, what it means to be a participant in actively colonizing this land.

I printed 600 copies. The first 500 on thinner paper to be given out at demos and gatherings, donated to folks to raise funds for doing work on the ground, and pasted in the streets. After a demonstration here in Toronto against Line Nine which would bring tar sands oil east across Canada from Alberta, they are pretty much all gone. The remaining 100 are on a thicker stock and I am selling them to cover the cost of production, postage etc…

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Call for donation of art.

Call for donation of art.

April 13, 2011

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