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On the Poverty of Student Life…

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Out of stock

A new printing of a classic Situationist text, originally written by Mustapha Khayati and published in 1967 by students in Strasbourg, Germany. At times powerfully illuminating, and at others extremely frustrating, this is regardless an extremely powerful attempt at a total critique of society, and the education system in particular. This is a reprint of the translation by Ken Knabb (originally done in the 1960s), with a near complete historical bibliography of reprintings of the text compiled by Mehdi El Hajoui, and new images added from 2018-reworkings of Atelier Populaire posters.

This edition was risograph printed at Bright Spot in Brooklyn to accompany the exhibition La Lutte Continue…The Struggle Continues …Lotta Continua…La Lucha Continúa… at Interference Archive.


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