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Peace for Trans Kids

Asa Michigan & Josh MacPhee


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This graphic was made by my 8-year-old trans kid. Asa made the drawing, and I designed it into graphic form.

It has been great to see the growth of graphics, stickers, shirts, etc. in support of Trans Youth, and most of these images include knives and sharp objects, an implied threat to transphobes. This is great, but with some many younger kids coming out as non-binary, they don't seem as attracted to these images. Asa made it clear that they're message was that want all trans kids to feel safe and to live in peace.

All proceeds from this print go to parent organizing in Brooklyn, NY in support of trans kids (We have a small group called Parents of Gender Expansive Kids at our school, and are in conversation with similar groups at a half-dozen other schools). We are also selling benefit T-shirts of this design, which can be purchased HERE.