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Perspectives on Anarchist Theory #27

Institute for Anarchist Studies

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Out of stock

This Strategy issue of the in-house journal for the Institute for Anarchist Studies. The following articles are included:

  • Andréa Schmidt, Elsipogtog: River of Fire
  • Tamara Lynne, Theatre and the Art of Transgression
  • Octavia’s Brood, an Interview with Walidah Imarisha
  • Alexander Reid Ross, Liberating Linquistics
  • Mamos Rotnelli, DIY Strategies for Revolutionary Study Groups
  • Kristian Williams, Orwell on leadership in the Spanish militias
  • Colin O’Malley, Building Revolutionary Anarchism
  • Jackson Smith, Heist of East 13th St.
  • Book Reviews by Jonathan W. Hutto, Sr., Kevin Van Meter, Javier Sethness Castro, Dalel Benbabaali, and Andrew Cornell

Designed and illustrated by Josh MacPhee, printed by Eberhardt Press.