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Perspectives on Anarchist Theory #30

Institute for Anarchist Studies

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The “Beyond the Crisis” issue. From the introduction: “It’s possible the current political crisis epitomized by Trump will be resolved in a system self-correcting manner, with things going back to ‘normal,’ though it’s also possible that the present turbulence will result in something qualitatively different. But even if the ruling class resolves the current political crisis in a system-affirming way, that very system is responsible for the ecological crisis, made most obvious in dire climate disruptions, which cannot be solved in the context of capitalism. The civilization that brought us to this point of peril will not be the one that gets us through and out the other side … that’s an opportunity, a precious chance to implement alternatives long envisioned. Our enemies—whether disaster capitalists, xenophobic nationalistic demagogues, or technotopian accelerationists—never let a good crisis go to waste. Why should we?” – the Perspectives collective. Perspectives on Anarchist Theory is the journal of the Institute for Anarchist Studies.

Justseeds had a heavy hand in this issue, with a cover Design by Josh MacPhee, art curation by Roger Peet (and art by Josh, Roger, Kevin Caplicki, Alec Dunn, Thea Gahr, Nicolas Lampert, and many pieces from our Graphics page, interior design by our good friend Lantz Arroyo of Radix Media, and printed by long-time collaborator Eberhardt Press.