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Perspectives on Anarchist Theory v.12 n.2

Institute for Anarchist Studies

V.12, N. 1 of the in-house journal for the Institute for Anarchist Studies. This issue focuses on the Politics of Climate Change. The following articles are included:

  • Atmospheric Dialectics by Javier Sethness
  • The Climate Crisis or the Crisis of Climate Politics? by Andre Pusey & Bertie Russell
  • All Power to the People by Lara Messersmith-Glavin
  • Movements for Climate Action by Brian Tokar
  • What We’re Reading, by Cindy Crabb, John Duda, and Joshua Stevens

Illustrated by the Justseeds Artists’ Cooperative with images from the Resourced portfolio.

This issue has covers and insides designed by Josh MacPhee and printed by Eberhardt Press.

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Take Down the Drones

Take Down the Drones

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