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Augusto César Sandino joined liberal rebels fighting the US Marine-protected government of Nicaragua. After being offered high positions in the government many liberal generals acquiesced to the occupation of US forces, but Sandino did not. For 6 years Nicaraguan guerrilla leader Sandino successfully defied the US Marines, compelling the United States to terminate its decades-long military occupation of Nicaragua. Sandino drafted a plan, titled “realizing Bolivar’s Supreme Dream”. The plan aimed to ally Latin American countries, and it included a Latin American court to resolve disputes and warn the US against interventions, demanded the withdrawal of all US troops, and planned to buy out all US capital investments and forbid future ones. In life and in death, Sandino became a hero throughout much of Latin America and he became a symbol of resistance to U.S. domination.

This print of Augusto César Sandino is based on the illustration I made for the Justseeds book Firebrands (Microcosm Publishing).

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