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Scam #7

Erica Lyle

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Out of stock

Another great issue of Scam. This one focuses on Miami, Art Basel, Take Back the Land, and explores a lot of questions about public space, art, gentrification, and history. Erick Lyle maximizes what can be done with a zine, being playful and funny as well as rigorous and critical. From Erick’s description:

“The new issue of Scam is finally finished and out in the world. This issue is 64-pages and has a three-color cover I letter-pressed myself with help from the generous folks at The Arm here in Brooklyn. This action-packed issue is about my trip back to my hometown of Miami as a reporter to cover last year’s ArtBasel Miami Beach and the efforts of Miami’s squatter activists, Take Back The Land. Along the way, I interview Shepard Fairey, encounter Sylvester Stallone, and reminisce about tear gas and riot cops at the 2003 protests in Miami against the FTAA.”