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Shut Rikers: A Brief History of Political Graphics in 15 Stickers

Katal Center & Josh MacPhee


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Part history lesson, part organizing tool, part sticker set, this publication traces the ark of reproducible political graphics over the past 100 years via a collection of 15 examples. Each of these—from the Russian Revolution's "Red Wedge Beats The Whites" to an 1980s squatting flyer featuring Bart Simpson—have been re-imagined as graphics mobilized to shut Rikers Island Jail Complex.

The Katal Center provides a brisk introduction to Rikers Island and why it is one of the country's most notorious jails. MacPhee draws on both his extensive knowledge of political graphic history and his 30 years of designing within social movements to deftly connect the two via the bridge of the campaign to Shut Rikers.

In addition, each zine comes with a set of 16 stickers, ready to use!

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