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Stop Militarism In Our Schools!

War Resisters League

Out of Stock

Out of stock

This poster was produced for promotional purposes by the War Resisters League, most likely sometime in the late 1970s.

Simply designed, it features a Eugene Debs quote at the top—”I would no more teach school children military training than teach them arson, robbery, and assassination”—and the classic anti-militarist/War Resisters League logo of two hands cracking a rifle in half in the middle.

ATTENTION: These posters are over 30-years-old. Although they are in overall good condition, they may have some worn or faded edges and small corner bends. We only have a small number of this poster, and unfortunately all the copies we have were at one point awkwardly folded, so they have a light diagonal bend across the top 1/3 of the paper.

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