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Trust in Life


The woman in the image, Elaine (or “Wookie”), is special to me. I took care of Wookie’s mom when she was pregnant with her. I watched Wookie grow up. In the 90s I used to have long dreads. After work I’d rollerblade on a not-too-busy paved road 4 miles uphill to the local trading post. As a little girl with pig-tails, Wookie would wave excitedly whenever she & her mom would pass me in their car. Occasionally she’d bring me the classic kid’s hand-drawn picture she made of me rollerblading, wearing a helmet with dreads flying every which way.

Over the years I’ve taken care of her both of her pregnancies. I’ve witnessed Wookie and her family face the challenges of life on The Rez, sometimes in ways that aren’t healthy. I’m thankful they’ve let me into their lives and allowed me to photograph freely. Though the family is materially without, Wookie loves her boys. In this print, I captured a moment when Wookie was consoling Owen.

These prints are the remaining edition from our Community Supported Art program in 2016.

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